Thursday, May 17, 2012

Brownback Douchebaggery

Did I really just read that the Governor of our state apologized for slavery?  This is the type of symbolism over substance that we typically get from the left, not a supposed conservative who is suppose to let his actions speak louder than his "words".

Slavery sucked, Segregation sucked and racism sucks, we all hopefully know that by now and hope to never repeat the mistakes of those that came before us. This post has nothing to do with those terrible acts, instead it is about how insincere and cowardly our elected leaders have become.

If an apology was to be made it should of been 50 or 100 years ago.  Then the people that were effected by these events could hear those words and it MIGHT of actually been sincere.  Brownback comes across as a panderer and grand stander.  

What guts does it take to come out and declare something wrong when 99% of the population feels the same way?  Make that apology 100 years or even 50 years ago when this was at its worst and people were actually divided on the issue and then you would have some guts. Stand up to a mob of people that are for segregation and make this apology and THEN it would mean something.

I am so sick of all of these after the fact and "told you so" politicians.

And why now?  Has anyone heard residents of Kansas demanding this from our Governor?  I never heard it come up during the election or one of his thousand or so abortion speeches.  There has to be something going on behind the scenes that we don't know about so keep watch on the news headlines over the next few months because something is sure to drop.