Thursday, June 14, 2012


The city of Olathe is one drive by shooting away from losing its place in the JOCO country club.  What that city has turned into over the past decade is embarrassing and unworthy of the JO on the back of their cars.  It's not so much that all these drug dealers were busted no no it goes beyond that.  It is all about their business model or lack there of.  

Johnson County businessmen know better than to pollute the org chart with a bunch of middle men and pawns.  A simpler corporate structure and all would be good and there would be less chance of ruining their operation.  Due to their inability to organize and run efficiently the whole city will be sadder for the next few weeks.  Gloomy potheads are not fun and will probably turn to booze and then start driving drunk.  Good job.

Sorry Olathe, you suck in all ways and are too Wyco for Joco