Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dear WT of JOCO

I know it is hot out but do you think you could be a little less trashy than you have been this week?  The amount of trash that I have seen on the highway and in the yards of some of you closeted WT jocoians is terrible.  Do you not have any pride in yourselves damn it?  There was a time when the JO on your license plate meant something.  It meant that we were better than the rest of the metro, we know how to bathe,  our houses don't have cardboard windows and our kids read at a 3rd grade level at 1st grade (not graduation kcmo).  

This morning on my way to work I saw for the 3rd day in a row a mattress on the shoulder of 435.  I saw a house on the corner of a neighborhood with more crap in their driveway and side yard than most people have inside.  That same house had a truck parked and RUNNING in the side yard. It is sickening.  Another thing, garage sales are suppose to last for a day or two NOT A FREAKING MONTH YOU DIRTY BASTARDS.

If you are incapable of living up to our standards then take your asses back to Wyco and KCMO.  

P.S.  It is not ok to put an above ground pool in your front yard.