Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Wire - Weekend Ketchup

At least 10 people shot over the weekend.  Hat's off to the fine citizens of the metro for a job well done. 

1.  Only a dumb ass robs a house in broad daylight and thinks that they will live to tell about it.  This 58 year old now dead man should of known better.
2.  Holy crap!  There are actually stores inside of Metcalf South.  Cat Shelter Robbed in OP.
3.  Getting carjacked sucks.  Getting shot and then carjacked sucks even worst.  20th and Broadway
4.  Nothing good happens after midnight in KCMO, NOTHING.  Town topic 6 SHOT.
5.  East Side WT keeps kid locked up in crap room.
6.  This old guy has the worst mug shot ever.
7.  It is rare to find a resident of the East Side that has lived past the age of 50.  This is why.