Monday, July 30, 2012

The Wire - Weekend Ketchup

While the rest of the world watches the best athletes in the world, lets see how some of the best killers, pimps, vandals, robbers, kidnappers and rapist are doing. 

1.  What are the odds of that the people vandalising the Roeland Park cars were from S. Joco?  Ya know, trying to get the people in that city to become part of Wyco...
2.  Even redneck sherrifs in the middle of bum f'd Kansas are doing/distributing Meth.  
3.  You know Independence is F'd Up when the senior citizens are robbing banks.
4.  First no sleep and now no living on Brooklyn.
5.  Turns out that the only bombs that Wal Mart was responsible for were those on a baseball field in Seatle this weekend.
6.  WT from Oklahoma responsible for robbing Kansas Banks.
7.  Olathe residents aren't cooperative when it comes to going to jail
8.  Fatman robs OP Bank.  He was wearing black though so that he could look slim for the security cameras.