Friday, August 17, 2012

Almost Daily Link Blast

We suck slightly less than local drive time talk radio.

2.  30 Things that Fast Times at Ridgemont High Taught us.  Could you imagine school being anything like that nowadays? Thanks Libs.
3.  9 Guys chicks date before they settle down.  Yikes! (captions are to the left)
5.  People ask what Michael Phelps is going to do after swimming.  Here is the answer.
6.  8 disgusting and psychotic diets that people actually follow.
8.  Top 7 Hangover Foods.  Wimps.
9.  You might be a perv if your dick has been stuck in one of these 6 places.  WTF
10.  McKayla Maroney is everywhere
11.  10 Things guys wish they knew about women when they were 18.