Friday, August 17, 2012

Liberals Hate you and you and you

That's right, the liberal sitting next to you hates you!  He/She is sitting next to you bitching about 
what you eat for lunch, 
the car that you own, 
where you live, 
the clothes you wear, 
your marital status, 
where your kids go to school, 
what religion you practice, 
when your ancestors arrived to America, 
what gender you are, 
that your wife stays at home with the kids, 
that you decided to have kids, 
where you buy your groceries, 
what you have hanging up in your cubical, 
the mascot of the college you went to,
how much money you make,
what charity you donate to,
what music you listen to,
if you are a gun owner or not,
the type of food you eat,
the color of your skin,
your sexual preference,
the holidays you celebrate .......