Friday, September 28, 2012

5 Years Later and still Talkin SH**

5 years and 1.5 million views and I am still standing.  

Special thanks to @voiceofmerrill @tonyskansascity @kmbzdarla for promoting the blog and of course those of you that read it everyday, follow on twitter, have guest posted, email me etc...

  • If your place of employment or worship has blocked my site (liberal bastards)be sure to subscribe to the rss feed, email delivery or check out the mobile format.  
  • If you live in KCMO you probably can't read so find someone from Joco to read the feed from your Obama Phone
  • If you disagree with me you are wrong, deal with it
  • If you hate my comments regarding welfare etc.. get a freaking job
  • If you take 50% of this seriously then have the corn cob removed from your liberal granola eating ass.
  • If you live in an area that I make fun of, move.
  • If you work for a Union, let me borrow some money.
  • If your last name is James, don't hit me