Monday, October 01, 2012

Obama Admin - License to Kill???

How many inocent people has this guys actions killed?

1.  Fast and Furious kills 16 teens.
2.  Fast and Furious Kills Border Agent.  Brian Terry
3.  Obama policy Kills 2 Navy Seals
4.  Obama policy Kills 2 bureaucrats
5.  Fort Hood Massacre
6.  Deny request for proper amount of troops for surge.
7.  Teens, women, children slaughtered on the streets of his home town, Chicago
8.  Afghan Death Toll soars under Obama
9.  Insider attacks on soldiers in Afghanistan increase under Obama
10.  30,000 people in Syria slaughtered due to Obama's lack of action
11.  Obama responsible for 16 year olds murder
12.  Obama puts 17 year old girl on Drone Kill list

Who else is on the infamous Obama "Kill List"?