Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Coddled Ass Clowns

What happens when you become a nation of emotional uneducated insecure coddled douche bags? You are looking at it.  

When you close down state run mental hospitals you end up with a society full of barely functioning psychopaths walking the streets among us.  When you coddle a bunch of kids and tell them that nothing is their fault, there are no winners or losers, competition is evil, you don't punish them and you fill them full of pills to control them you end up with a bunch of functioning psychopaths among us.  Oh yeah, these people vote too.

Now you have a government exploiting the slaughtering of innocent children and teachers so that they can RAISE CAMPAIGN CASH, take guns away, raise taxes etc...  Is this real compassion? Is blaming innocent people for the actions of a psychopath the answer?  Making citizens of this country feel guilty and bad about themselves is going to fix a culture of crap?  Why can't we for the first time BLAME THE RIGHT PEOPLE.  The guilty parties here are the mother for not securing her weapons and the psycho son.  Not you, not me and not the guy next door.

I feel terrible about the mass murder that took place in Conn. last Friday.  When you have kids in that age bracket it hits home and you get angry and you want to do all you can to protect them from this happening again.  I however had hatred and rage towards the shooter and those that enabled him to commit this crime.  My first thought wasn't to attack gun owners, mine was to attack the man that did this.  Yet some of you douche bags immediately went after an inanimate object that is worthless without a user.  Cowards.  Are you afraid to discuss mental illness or living conditions or poor parenting etc...?  Are you afraid of putting a label on a psycho?  I guess it isn't politically correct to do that right?

Amazing how this stuff never happened back when we weren't afraid to talk about people that way or handle it how we saw fit.  Now we blame bullying, depression, unfair economic conditions, lack of prayer in school, front door security, spending bills in congress, video games, music, tv, movies, radio shows  AND NOT THE FUCKING SHOOTER.

Making a clip smaller (they will just use multiple clips), limiting the legal purchase of firearms (these are almost always stolen firearms), limiting ammunition (it's not that hard to make a bullet) etc.. will not end this problem.  No, it will just send all this underground where we have NO control of it whatsoever.  Drugs are illegal right?  Possession, distribution and use all illegal and yet we have an even worst drug problem then we did before the "war on drugs".  All that we did was make it controlled buy violent criminals just like we did with prohibition.

Now picture that with guns.  Sounds wonderful doesn't it???