Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Collapse of Civilization

Anyone else look at the headlines today and wonder how the hell we are still up and running?  We are not generation X or Y etc.. no, we are generation RIP. Freedoms being robbed, slaughters and executions taking place in public, rape mobs etc.. WTF people?

What happened to people that wanted to enjoy life, raise a family, travel and give back?  How would a Zombie Apocalypse be any worst than this?  

2.  Executions and AK-47's overtaking Detroit.
6.  Government using cameras to issue false tickets to raise money.
7.  Freedom to eat while driving is a thing of the past
8.  Government refuses to set record straight with the families of those that were murdered and raped in Benghazi 
10.  You are being watched by Big Brother more than you think.

For each criminal action there is an action taken to take away freedom from the rest of society.  Government must protect your feelings at all costs right?