Thursday, December 06, 2012

We are Middle Class Fools

We once lived in a country full of War Heroes, Pioneers, Settlers and mob bosses but it looks like that has all been replaced by a bunch of self serving leftist douche bags and elitist scum.  These douche bags go against everything that this country was founded on.

They use their freedom of speech to control your freedom of speech and religion.  If they see you happy and successful they want to ruin it and will claim that your happiness makes them sad.  This is no longer just a small portion of our country, it is HALF.

They piss on you and your happiness as they reach into your wallet and take your money.  

Half of the people in America hate what it stands for, it's traditions, symbols and freedoms granted to us under the constitution.  They are jealous of us and our normal happy middle class life.

Leftist claim to be after the rich but when do you ever hear about the rich getting screwed by this group?  Never.  It's always us.  The wealthy have enough cash to handle anything thrown at them and enough ways to hide money that it never gets taken from them.

47% of the country hates our constitution and 2% are above the constitution.

The top 2% and bottom 47%  don't give a crap about the normal everyday family guy.  Think about it.

The bottom 47% live off of our tax dollars and the top 2% live off of the profits me make them.  All legislation that goes through congress is in favor of one of those two groups getting more power or money from us.

Why do you think that they pass laws and regulations that increase our retirement age and strip us from our retirement finances? Because they need us working 24/7.  They need our money.  Everyone needs the labor or wages of the middle class except of course the middle class (according to them).

And what do we get in return?  Crappy schools, bad infrastructure, corrupt elections, over regulation of our lives, spied on by our government, robbed of health care, foreclosed houses and the restriction of our speech etc...  Sounds good doesn't it?

God forbid someone wanted to say "Merry Christmas", put up a Christmas tree, drink a large coke, eat meat or drive the car you want.  Hell no. Those actions would destroy the world right?   One more large coke and the world as we know it is over.

Tell me again how we are a free people and I will laugh in your face at your ignorance.  Wake up lemmings.  We are getting F'd with no Vaseline.  We aren't even getting a kiss on the cheek or thank you when they are done because they are too busy thinking of new ways to F you.