Friday, January 11, 2013

The Wussification of New Yorkers

Everything I use to think about when someone mentioned being a New Yorker has now been thrown out the window ever since Bloomberg has become the Mayor.  This man has turned what was suppose to be a city of tough minded, strong willed people into a city of pansy ass preschool kids...And they continue to let him.  You pussies have become softer than 4 ply toilet paper.

Who knew that you couldn't survive without a nanny telling you how much soda you could have, how you should prepare your food, when and how much medicine you can take, how you can protect yourself, how much sugar you can have at a hospital, protect you from the weather, the milk you drink, the popcorn you eat, your smoking habit at home, your booze consumption, how you nurse your newborn child, how you feed the homeless...........

Is there anything that a New Yorker can do on their own besides get bullied and pushed around by old white guys?

It use to be said that if you could survive NYC then you could make it anywhere Could they survive the mean streets of Mayberry?

Face it, the only people still worthy of the old definition of "New Yorker" are the firefighters and police officers (and their families) that are true Amercian heroes.