Wednesday, May 29, 2013

KC Union Leaders Lazy - No Surprise

This morning I heard a commercial on the radio for a communist website called the  Being the capitalist that I am I went to the site today to see what it was they were pimping pushing (pimping is too capitalist for these guys).

When I went to the site I was greeted with the headline "March 31st Front Page".  Thinking that there was no way in hell that such a vital source of information could go 2 - 3 months without an update I cleared my cache and hit reload.  I still got "March 31st Front Page".

Then I remembered that this was a Union paper ran by Union "members".  Why would they stay up to date and provide a valuable service to its members, they never have before, why start now.

Capitalist in the metro can rest easy.  These propaganda artists can't even update a website, so tearing down our local economy is not in any real jeopardy.  Kansas City will not be turning into another Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York City etc... with this type of work ethic.