Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lenexa BBQ Battle 2013

Great Lenexa BBQ Battle 

The Lenexa BBQ Battle signals the official beginning of BEER & BBQ season for the metro area. 

Just a heads up to you elitist douche bags in the gated communities 

1.  BBQ is not done with Gas
2.  Grilling is not BBQ
3.  Pellet Smoking is not BBQ
4.  Turkey Burgers will not be served
5.  If you got a recipe from Bobby Flay, it isn't BBQ
6.  If it needs a lot of sauce, it isn't BBQ
7.  Electric Smokers are for pansies
8.  Wine isn't served with BBQ
9.  Your "trophy wife" has skin drier than most of the meat.
10.  Yes everyone will be laughing at you because you don't fit in.