Friday, June 14, 2013

You are being watched all the time

If you think that you are off the grid and immune to the monitoring policies of our President, you are wrong.  Let's face it, the government knows more about you than anyone else, even your spouse and there isn't much you can do about it anymore.  You gave up your freedoms 4 years ago  when you fell for the con of Obama and his transparency lies.  Good job douchebag.  

The only thing that became transparent was your life. Why does the government need to know all of this information about you?  

1.  Centralization of electronic medical records
2.  Drones flying over American city's
3.  Traffic Cameras at every intersection
4.  Security cameras at every business
5.  GPS on your phone calls
6.  Cloud storage monitored by NSA
7.  Email monitored by NSA
8.  Facebook posts, chats etc.. monitored by NSA
9.  I.P. Address logged on every website you visit
10.  Air Travel monitored by NSA through TSA
11.  Gun Owner database
12.  President website asking for you to report his enemies
13.  TV viewing habits logged and recorded by cable providers
14.  Special Cards for discounts at retail stores that monitor your purchases
15.  Cell phone calls monitored by NSA