Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The End of Days

Over the past few days there have been over 20 people shot in the KCMO area and nobody seems to give a crap.  Why?  Because it is now part of our norm.  How many people need to get shot at
once before people start caring?  Obviously 8 or 9 isn't enough.  Maybe 15 - 20?  

The exact opposite side of the coin is the over dramatization of anything remotely illegal that takes place in OP or Leawood.  If someone jaywalks over here there is a fundraiser, telethon, 1 hour of talk radio and a front page article about it in the "Kansas City" star.  

Can anyone even name one of the 20 or so people shot this week?  Hell no.  The metro has written off the east side and its residents.  The schools, parenting, welfare and crime over there are no longer of concern because there isn't a soul in the metro that truly believes that the area and its residents can be saved.  They rather let genocide do the job that the political leaders and activists of the city can't.