Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Almost daily Link Blast

13 LINKS from sites that you probably didn't even knew existed.  

1.  Ever wanted to know the name of the "Twitter Bird" ?
2.  Home renovations that make sense and increase the property of your KCMO crack house.
3.  These 6 voices do 105 voices on the Simpsons.
4.  10 Creepiest Places On Earth, minus the Funkhouser bedroom
5.  I feel dirty for typing this... "The best of Weiner"
6.  15 Things that most women let their men get away with.
7.  Charles Barkley loves old white women.
8.  Crack Babies don't really exist.  BULLSHIT
9.  10 Ways to fake a Summer Vacation
10.  "urinals are Not just for men"  Ummm Yeah they are
11.  Waiting for 2nd date for sex is now considered out dated to women.  Nice!
12.  25 Summer Cocktails for men
13.  Idiots guide to grilling a steak.