Thursday, July 25, 2013

Come for the BBQ & Stay for the Bullets

If ever there was an appropriate slogan for our chamber of commerce it is that.  How jacked up is it that people that live in the crappiest of crap neighborhoods can't even ride the crap bus without getting the crap shout out of them on their way to their crap job for crap pay?

The best part of this whole thing is that leaders in this town believe that light rail will be ridden in this town by non KCMO residents coming to the area for entertainment.  HA!  There was slim to no chance of that happening before and NOW, no freaking way.  More city money flushed down the toilet but liberal wannabe do gooders that could of used the money for more patrols through high crime areas. 

The one thing that few people are talking about is the lack of JOCO residents that are going to the Plaza.  As the JOCO population continues to move further south there aren't going to be people wanting to drive 35 minutes to get robbed or shot at (yes that is the perception)?  Especially when the same restaurants are now open on 135th street.  When Joco residents do cross the border is typically to go to Crown Center, Power and Light and the Truman Sports Complex.  That is until those areas start showing up in the news..