Tuesday, September 24, 2013

JOCO PD's are not ready

After decades of serving as nothing more than revenue collectors and prostitution raiders it is safe to say that the Police Departments in JOCO aren't ready to handle the violent crime that comes with a growing and diverse community (except for the Lenexa PD, they are the elite exception).

For the past 10 years the north side apartment complexes have been transformed into housing projects with little mention made to the general public.  Residents that have lived in these areas have seen their property values ruined, schools decay and violence increase, again with little to no mention of it by community leaders.

Instead of controlling the high crime areas in our county our "leaders" feel that it is better for law enforcement to write as many tickets as possible so that they can pad their pockets and repave the same roads 100 times over and over.  Instead of training our police departments on crime fighting they have turned them into armed meter maids.

So should we be surprised when people end up murdered in one of our special apartment complexes?  Hell, the cops probably gave the corpse a ticket for loitering.