Friday, September 20, 2013

KC DOUCHEBAGS of the day

1.  David W. GuthKU professor that hopes that NRA members have their kids shot. This tool is a perfect example of what is wrong with our University system. Parents spend 10's of thousands of dollars a year to send their kids to become educated by these douches without knowing what is being taught to them. Now that this asshole has been exposed I think that we should all question anyone with a J degree from KU and their ability to be fair.

2.  Hickman Mills students for attacking their teachers. Public school kids that attack their teachers need to be expelled so that tax dollars aren't wasted on them and their disruptive behaviors. Let them take their chances on the streets since they are such bad ass's

3.  Sprint for laying off another 100+ employees.

4.  Metro residents that stood in line overnight in the rain to buy a new iphone that is basically like the old iphone and the iphone before that one and the next one.