Monday, March 03, 2014

"Wrong Side of History" Foreign Policy

 Russian President Vladimir Putin is "on the wrong side of history," says President Obama

This seems to be the catch phrase anytime that Obama and his minions face adversity from a group
outside of their elitist collective.  Let's review (links provided below) the subjects that everyone according to liberals are on "the wrong side of history" .  Gun Control, Syria, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Gay Marriage, Immigration, Obama Care, the bailout of large corporations and now of course Russia and their actions against Ukraine.
I can just see Putin shaking in his boots as our "leader" lobs that catch phrase his way as he marches across the borders of our allies.  Putin has to care what the elitist left in our country think right?  Surely he will stop his invasion because John Kerry said that he is using 19th century methods right? 

Obama put us in this position and now he is completely clueless on how to get us out.  Face it we are screwed.