Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Exploitation of Biker Violence by Race Baiting "writer" @jessejholland

This story on the AP is a reach, even for them.  How in the hell do they compare bikers killing bikers to rioters burning down innocent peoples businesses, trashing their cars, blocking traffic and robbing their stores?  There is not a single similarity between the two yet this jackass, @jessejholland, decided to make that reach today.  Is this all that people hired to write about race relations have to
discuss today?

The article even contradicts its self saying the following

"Civil rights attorney Charles F. Coleman Jr. said only minority communities get blamed for violence, while no one blames white families or white communities for fatal violence by white men, characterizing such events instead as "isolated incidents." "

Yet earlier describing the fugitives as this

"Mug shots show an array of suspects: white, Hispanic, a white woman and a man who looked black."

How is this the white community when only 1 of 3 mugshots were of a white person and that more that 50% of the bikers there were hispanic?

@jessejholland is nothing more than a race baiter who isn't even good at race baiting and has embarrassed himself by writing about a subculture that he doesn't understand.  Bikers rarely involve civilians in any of there criminal activities and have never burned down city blocks.  Most of their crimes are committed quietly in the criminal underbelly of this country and involve people that choose to participate in that lifestyle.

If anything we should be thankful that they are offing each other instead of innocent kids sleeping inside a house and getting wasted by a stray bullet from a drive by.  The fact that 9 people died Sunday proves only one thing, Bikers have good aim, gang bangers not so much.