Monday, May 18, 2015

10 signs that summer is hitting JOCO

You can always tell in South JOCO when summer is approaching and the school year is coming to an end. Those of you residing in the poverty stricken areas surrounding us have no idea what stress there

is on us to provide a suitable Blue Valley summer for our kids and the preparation involved to do so.

1.  Trophy wives all turn what I like to call "Leawood brown". 
2.  The term "the lake" is used in every other sentence along with "what mile marker is your house at". You see to live out here everyone automatically believes that "the lake" means Lake of the Ozarks and nobody can comprehend not owning a lake house.
3.  $1200 grills are flying off the shelves that will only be used once.
4.  The horrified look that other parents give you when the hear that you go to a public pool and that your subdivision doesn't have one.
5.  30k motorcycle rode by a douche in shorts, flip flops and his hat backwards.
6.  Vacation bible school-  in JOCO it rarely involves the bible, never is school like and is strictly a way to have your family decide what religion they are by who is offering the best trip.
7.  Mothers start wearing the same clothing that their teenage daughters shouldn't wear.
8.  Garage sales offering layaway
9.  Lawn crews gathering at Quick Trip making it not such a quick trip
10.  The phrase "and that is why we don't go down there anymore" when discussing The Plaza.