Monday, July 11, 2016

The Almost Daily Link Blast

Because my links are better than your links

1.  Black Lives Matter spread their warm embracing message to Michigan. 3 dead
2.  Trickle Down Justice being sought by Marine. Is Hillary above the integrity of a US Marine?
3.  Carrie Underwood.  Enough said.
4.  The ugliest public official in American History is willing to leave America if Trump wins.  This should be enough to push those on the fence over to Trump.
5.  5 chicks that you will be cheering for in a few weeks
6.  Clinton Super delegates don't fall far from the rotten worm infested tree.
7.  Harley Davidson close to the end
8.   Troy Aikman Destroys the left
9.   Jeb Bush continues to act like a bitch and will do what he can to ensure a Hillary presidency. 
10.  CNN believes that black people can't be racist...Pretty sure there are cops across America today that MIGHT object to that.