Monday, July 11, 2016

WT Mecca in JOCO gets demolished

In its opening 2 years the "Great" Mall was a decent place full of actual outlet stores but soon after it
became a gathering place of Joco's bottom feeders.  These catfish sucked the commerce out of the mall and made it into a mall full of stores that didn't fit in anywhere else in the city.  The magic shop, the 5 beanie baby stores, the movie theater that was broken down half the time, the food court that became a wasteland of picnic tables and orange chicken, the kids birthday party places that changed names every month.

The memory of mullets, unattended toddlers running around toxic playgrounds and the 16 year old pregnant girls from Spring Hill, Gardner, Olathe, Ottawa and Lousiburg.  shopping for baby clothing for their 2nd child will be wiped away with wrecking balls and TNT.

Say goodbye to one of the greatest people watching places in the whole metro.