Monday, December 14, 2020

Almost Daily Link Blast

 Because my links are better than yours

1.  Russia now has access to all the porn people have stored on their Google Drives.

2.  Queens nurse is the first guinea pig for the vaccine.

3.  Instagram CEO bans Kendra Sunderland for JOKING about having sex with him.  Amazing how sensitive the Elite get when they are trolled, yet have no problem with running companies that are platforms for trolls.

4.  If you climb a guard rail to take a photo then only YOU are to blame for falling 260ft to your death.  

5.  Charley Pride went to an event at 89 years old in the middle of a Covid Pandemic.  Charley Pride is now dead.  While 97% of the country is safe from death there are still others that shouldn't be foolish with their safety.  I have cancer, so you don't see me out there risking it.

6.  The evil dictator of California now risks a recall due to his hypocrisy on Covid.  Newsom is just another liberal elite who refuses to follow his own lock down rules.

7.   Former Howard Stern producer Brett Hatley started a Twitch stream, pimped his wife out on onlyfans and is now sending out form letters threatening lawsuits to people that make fun of him.  Another sensitive media personality that was ok dishing it but cant handle the freedom the internet has provided others to giving it back.  The same can be said about the JOCO court system.  

8.  History of the Beatles Christmas shows courtesy of Mental Floss

9.  This story takes place in the fucked up state of Florida and has a fucked up man with a fucked up nickname Bud Light Mike.  Did I mention that he was a convicted felon.  Ohhh that is right I said Florida man.

10.  This Christmas be sure to bring up MK-Ultra to all of your conspiracy crazed relatives.  Check out this video on MK-Ultra mind control.