Friday, December 11, 2020

Narcissist - JOCO's claim to fame

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine last night regarding JOCO and how it makes people soft as pudding and incapable of handling adversity once it appears. 

 To many JOCO

residents, adversity is when the Starbucks drive-thru is moving slow, the cleaning lady is on vacation, or the most shocking of all, snow is in the 7 day outlook.  So why is it that we are surprised when they let us down when the shit hits the fan?  We shouldn't be.  

As for loyalty, forget it. There is no such thing as ride or die in the burbs.  It is a culture of use and abuse.  Men trade in their wives for newer models the first sign of wear and tear and women, they tend to be loyal to the dollar.  The minute that cash has a hiccup they are looking to trade out of that relationship or fleece the man they are with for as much cash as possible.  Don't believe me, just look and see how many cosmetic surgery options and divorce attorneys there are in the JOCO area compared to the rest of the metro or even the Midwest.  The numbers are shocking.  

The identity of JOCO residents has gone beyond the stereotype and morphed into the status quo.  You may want to break the cycle but good luck.  It doesn't matter how well you screen for character or how long you have been together, the minute adversity hits. the true colors of the individual will appear.  What we are dealing with is a culture of narcissist.  Good luck with that. 

Narcissist destroy every relationship around them unless they can benefit.  Check out their relationships with their families, coworkers, "friends", neighbors etc.. I guarantee that most of those are nonexistent or strained.  Narcissist aren't capable of anything more than self preservation and once you are used up.  They are incapable of overcoming adversity without damaging those around them.  This has made JOCO soft.

So is JOCO now full of narcissist?  Not the stereotype, the actual clinical diagnosis.