Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Evil That Men Do - Chainsaws making a late 2020 appearance

 Nothing says 2020 more than EVIL. Earlier this week we highlighted some of the Evil women making the world a far shittier place than it needs to be because we are feminist.  BUT now it is time to get back to the Majors.  Chainsaws, knives, sex crimes...

1.  There is a lot wrong with this story. First, this guy is named Alice, last name Sweet.  Second,
he is robbing a freaking McDonalds.  Third he is using a chainsaw for an armed robbery.  I know that Maine is the state that nobody remembers but it might be time that we take a closer look at the residents of that state.  Did I mention that he chased kids with the chainsaw?

2.  This man thought that the cure for Covid was a knife piercing the skin of his wife and sister in law.  Adam Roth, just got life in prison, just life, for murdering 2 people and stabbing 4 total.  

3.  Houston priest - Enough said

4.  Manhattan elitist is caught filming the nanny for the past 2 years. Bath, Nude, Sex, you name it.  Can you really blame the guy for mistaking the name "nanny cam". Sadly, we are unable to find even a face shot of this nanny to confirm that she is hot.

5.  Meet John Coleman.  This 42 year old recorded 100's of men using the bathroom in New Orleans.  This was not done for medical purposes.

6.  Little People Big World star was allegedly molested by a producer when he was just 9 years old.