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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Evil That Men Do - Spring Thaw?

Now that temperatures are returning to normal and some areas are actually seeing 70 degrees, we can expect Mo Murda across that nation.  Criminals hate the cold and their aim sucks when they are wearing mittens sewed onto their sleeves by their moms.  The moon boots are gone and the Chucks and Vans are making their first appearance of the year.  A wise man once said "never lever your house
without a gun".  Will you be a sucker and not protect yourself and family or will you step up if the time comes and be prepared to handle yours?  Below are some scum that you might have missed out on.

1.  We all put a little sugar on the generic corn flake cereal that our parents got us (JOCO, generic is the shit on the bottom shelves at your Grocer) but 44 pounds of cocaine might be a little too sweet.  Good Job Ohio.

2.  The terrible two's got a wake up call on a Manhattan subway by a homeless man when the kid got PUNCHED in the face.  Those coastal elites..

3.  KCMO is looking to make a comeback after a sluggish start to the year.  Hardesty is typically not the best street to be on but getting shot at 4pm?

4.    I will hold up on calling this man evil.  This man gunned down the man that was a "person of interest" in his girlfriends murder.  Now, ask yourself this, what would you do...

5.  Female teacher gets s slap on the wrist for being a pedophile.  Erin Kemp(not hot) only gets 90 days in jail.  What would a male teacher get? 

6.  14 year old girl stabs her wheelchair bound sister. Makes you wonder about that household.

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Got Evil?

Ever wonder what you would do when you are face to face with TRUE Evil?  Would you run? Cry? Beg? Or would you make a stand and fight for your life?  That question might seem to have an obvious answer but trust this Marine, not all of you would.  We all had that guy in our squad that we didn't want to face incoming rounds with. We all know a guy/gal that talks a big game but is truly yellow.  Do yourself a favor, ditch that person from your life. Evil is everywhere right now and there is no room for softness.

1.  MINNEAPOLIS - Is famous for slashing the budget of their police department instead
of investing in training.  This lead to less cops, less training and yes a MAJOR spike in crime. So this psycho shooting up a hospital and planting bombs probably doesn't surprise anyone.  Also, if you live next to a psycho that is capable of doing this and you don't say anything, go fuck yourself.

2.  Illinois kids can't even jump on freaking trampolines without going crazy violent.

3.  The courts thought that beating your wife to death with a bottle was only worth 16 years in prison.  Yet another example of our great legal minds working to their full potential. 

4.  Omaha Mayor's daughters corpse found after she went missing last month.  In a shocking twist (not really), the husband was arrested.

5.  FEMALE Educator in Atlanta was caught diddling herself multiple times in front of her students.Parents say that she was considered the cool teacher by her students..

6.  Oldsmar, Fl had a hacker attempt to poison the water supply.  

7.  Psycho wife tries to hire a hitman to get rid of the woman that she thought her husband was sleeping with.  It gets better, this Karen is a blue check mark animal rights activists.  Makes you wonder what she would do if it was a horse that her husband was accused of sleeping with.

Thursday, February 04, 2021

Evil People Living Evil lives in Evil Times

Strap up, keep your head on a swivel and prepare for the Evil people lurking.  Don't own a gun?  You are screwed.  

1.  5 kids and a adult were slaughtered at 130AM, while
sleeping by a psycho gunman in Oklahoma.  

2.  Next time you decide to yell at your neighbor about their snow removal (the shit does melt) remember this story about a man that clapped the neighbor couple and then turned the gun on himself.

3.  This story is evil because it is a person of wealth and power that dictates the minute by minute activities of everyone in this country.  John Kerry (who has a longer face than he did 20 years ago) thought he was special and took a PRIVATE JET to the freaking climate summit!  

4.  More proof that the Gov of NY killed thousands with his policies.  

5.  When you are a crazy psychopathic controlling dictator like Putin, you should be afraid.

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

The Evil That Lurks Around The Corner

 Today the eyes of the nation are focusing on the wealthy on the left taking on the wealthy on the right over Orange man.  Kinda a waste of tax payer money.. 
Meanwhile, despite the oldest living mammal to reside inside the White House becoming the president the country spirals out of control.  Covid shots turn out to be worthless yet everyone is breaking the rules to get them, murders are up (who knew it was possible) in most major city's and your local neighborhoods continue to rot unless you have a gate around that community.  Shocking

1.  FBI Agents gunned down in Florida by a pedo crazed monster. No idea if funding cuts have been argued by the left or if there were cheers from the Antifa crowd who has tried to do this for the past 8 months.

2.  Marilyn Manson accused of torturing women etc..  Well, who could of seen this coming.

3.  Atlanta Rapper accused of murdering his cousin.  ATL is rapidly becoming the next murder epicenter and rap artists seem to be right at the center of most cases.  RIP King Von

4.  Fauci does it again. One week we should all wear 2-3 masks and then a week later he says that it doesn't make a difference.  This is the same jackass that at the beginning of the pandemic said that masks would be ineffective against the virus.  There doesn't get much more evil in America than the head of all VIRUS issues in the United States continuing to get a pass as half a million people die.  Fuck Fauci.

5.  The cops Pepper Sprayed a 9 year old girl in NY after handcuffing her ass for what appears to be nothing more than a temper tantrum.  Keep cutting the funding of cops so that they don't know how to better handle situations like this...

6.  British teacher in Singapore caught on video molesting a 4 YEAR OLD GIRL.

7.  If you forget the cheeseburger and work at McDonalds in New Mexico then you might get a gun pulled on you by some psychopath.  The home of Walter White.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Evil is among us. Can you spot it

 We all know people that we think might be evil and are actually harmless.  We also know people that we think are harmless but turn out to be nothing but evil scumbags.  Regardless, you should probably guard your grill because evil is definitely around the

1.  These 4 girls under the age of 14 decided to brutally murder a 15 year old girl inside a Walmart - New Orleans

2.  33 kids that you might have known have finally been located and rescued from sex trafficking ring busted in LA.  Some of these kids have been moved from one location to another.

3.  Oklahoma couple decided that due to their homes terrible filth that a dog kennel would be the best place to keep their 4 year old granddaughter for extended periods of time.  

4.  Two doctors murdered in a hostage situation in Texas

5.  Koltyn Sparks died over a year ago from the Flu or so they thought.  Turns out that his scumbag mother and her new boyfriend murdered him.  Koltyn was a toddler..

6.  When you see this guys mugshot you will wonder how he ever ended up as a freaking middle school teacher.  Does it surprise anyone that he was arrested flying to Florida to sleep with a minor?

Friday, January 22, 2021

Straight Up Evil - Gotta Love them women edition

 While the rest of America is up in arms over the new idiot in charge who replaced yes, another
idiot, there is real evil taking place in the country.  It use to be "if it bleeds, it leads" and now it is strictly about division.  If you are a fan of cable news pundits on either side giving marching orders to those void of the ability to think freely then this is your time.  In fact, you are thriving.  Congratulations, you have turned your brain off for the past 6 years.  Meanwhile, people are getting murdered, raped, abducted, embezzled etc..

1.  West Virginia woman lives up to the stereotype given to women of the region and goes bat shit crazy.  Murders 4 kids, a BABY, her husband then TORCHES their home AND THEN OFFS HERSELF.  It is 2021 and I think that we can all agree that women are just as violent and crazy as men.  In fact, they might be even better at it.

2.  NYC woman decided that her husband "needed to be taught a lesson" so she poisoned him with Boric Acid.  He lived and it turns out this 70 year old pioneer of psycho women has done this before.

3.  Florida mom offs her kid by shooting her in the head.  Keeping Florida, Florida

4.  JOCO has had its fair share of prostitution busts over the past 20 years.  Whores go where the money is.  In Florida, a whore house in a luxury community was recently busted and they are trying to say "this could happen anywhere".  They are right, especially when COVID has destroyed the economy and people are willing to do anything for $$$

5.  37 year old Florida woman drove around with a dead man in her trunk for 10 days.  This go getter was charged with crimes against a corpse just to name a few.  

6.  24 year old Instagram model, mother of 1 kid, 5 million followers and former fatty is charged with stalking and severely beating her husband. 

Monday, January 04, 2021

The Evil That Men DO

 2020 was a stellar year for evil in America.  While the rest of the country was hiding from the virus and struggling to pay bills, the true Evil in this country stood tall.  For every covid headline that came and went there was another about people getting chopped up, buried, shot, abducted, cheated..

1.  Machete attack in BK kills Gramps and injures 4 year old girl among others.

2.  One body found in missing Florida couples abduction from last week.

3.  DC Teacher charged for raping middle school girls and boys

4.  This college professor who was 64 landed a 24 year old student of his but couldn't be happy with it.  Instead, he decided to shot her ass and then cut her up and put her in trash bags.  

5.  California father pulls gun and blast his son during an argument.  So much for family holiday cheer.

6.  20 year old brother shoots his 8 year old sister in the head - Michigan 

7.  39 year old teacher has sex with 13 year old student IN THE CLASSROOM and only gets 4 years - Indiana

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

The Evil That Men Do - Christmas Week Edition

There is a special place in hell for people that are discovered doing evil during the holidays.  Then again we live in an evil time and place full of evil people.  The decency among people is gone and sociopaths and narcissists run the show.  Even those that you trust the most will turn on your ass.  Keep that head on a swivel and trust nobody.  

1.  Girl grabbed from parking lot back in 1988 might finally get some justice after this psycho

was picked up.

2.AOC tries to convince people that she is for "the folks" but most of us know that she is full of shit.  The latest example consists of her moving to the front of the line for vaccinations despite her being only 32 years old and healthy.  Surprisingly, she was called out by her bestie for being a selfish bitch.

3.  If you go to a Waffle House in Orlando might get you shot and killed.  Any headline posted from the state of Florida almost seems like cheating.

4.  WT on WT crime is now getting deadlier and involves dogs.  Father, Son, Rover &Rover all shot to death in Alabama.

5.  Former elected official made lots of porn with her husband and is now suing everyone because it was leaked/shared.  She probably should have thought about it being shared before making them, call me crazy.  This is yet another example of a powerful person trying to use her influence to rise above the actual law.  From everything I have read, this chick is crazy.

6.  I never in my life thought I would have to share a link involving NASA and the slaughter of Monkeys BUT it is 2020. 27 Monkeys slaughtered in one day

7.  So you are a mother and you come up with a scam (you aren't the first) to lie about an illness that your child has so that people will donate money to assist in the cost.  So you are this same mother and you decide to murder this 7 year old little girl.  So you are a mother that should be terminated on site once you get to prison.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Evil That Men Do - Chainsaws making a late 2020 appearance

 Nothing says 2020 more than EVIL. Earlier this week we highlighted some of the Evil women making the world a far shittier place than it needs to be because we are feminist.  BUT now it is time to get back to the Majors.  Chainsaws, knives, sex crimes...

1.  There is a lot wrong with this story. First, this guy is named Alice, last name Sweet.  Second,
he is robbing a freaking McDonalds.  Third he is using a chainsaw for an armed robbery.  I know that Maine is the state that nobody remembers but it might be time that we take a closer look at the residents of that state.  Did I mention that he chased kids with the chainsaw?

2.  This man thought that the cure for Covid was a knife piercing the skin of his wife and sister in law.  Adam Roth, just got life in prison, just life, for murdering 2 people and stabbing 4 total.  

3.  Houston priest - Enough said

4.  Manhattan elitist is caught filming the nanny for the past 2 years. Bath, Nude, Sex, you name it.  Can you really blame the guy for mistaking the name "nanny cam". Sadly, we are unable to find even a face shot of this nanny to confirm that she is hot.

5.  Meet John Coleman.  This 42 year old recorded 100's of men using the bathroom in New Orleans.  This was not done for medical purposes.

6.  Little People Big World star was allegedly molested by a producer when he was just 9 years old. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The Evil That Men Do - Mean Girls Edition

When everyone is done panicking over Covid they will have to turn their eyes back on the absolute evil that is spreading almost as fast as the pandemic.  Netflix will have to have a new subcategory for True Crime stories that took place in 2020 and they will be the most watched shows on that platform. Here are this weeks greatest hits from the women.

1.  Mississippi mom abandons her kid at Goodwill. It is OK though, she left a note.

2.  Another female coach/teacher is arrested for sex abuse.  When as a society will we switch the focus from what pervs men are to the absolute pedos that women are becoming when they are guiding young women or men?

3.  Chopping off the head of an owl will get you executed in Columbia by drive-by firing squad

4.  Bare with me on this one because this woman did lose her 4 year old daughter BUT does that mean you forgive the man that raped your kid and stabbed her 17 times.  Even if that is your son that did it, you don't forgive the damn kid for that.  Also, what MOM raises a son capable of doing such a disgusting act.  In 4 short years this woman forgave her son...

5.  Mothers in Georgia put their personal desire of getting a picture of their kid with Santa created a Covid disaster for them

6.  Principal hiding from 70+ sexual abuse charges is finally going to face a jury now that Israel decided that she wasn't worth hiding.

Wednesday, December 09, 2020

The Evil That Men Do

New section that we will bring you weekly highlighting the evil ways of folks that have an impact on our way of life.

1.  Child porn, embezzlement, espionage weren't enough to bring down Hunter Biden BUT NBC is now reporting that the biggest shit stain in America is under investigation for his Taxes.  

2.  Nuke secrets in Russia are now available to the highest bidder thanks to a robbery.  

3.  While the rest of us have faced unemployment, lock downs, salary decreases etc., the ELITE in this country have moved freely and seen their wages increase 160%.  

4.  The one time GOAT decided to take a million dollars in bailout money.

5.  Damon Linker of Yahoo wants to push an America sucks narrative.  This shouldn't shock anyone since the left has hated America since the 50's.  Sadly, most kids will read this and believe it.  Have you spoken with someone under 21?  Yeah, they don't get it.

6.   People close to Bill Clinton are now verifying his trips to Epstein Pedo island.  His biggest fear, divorce. Our shock, they are still married.

7.  We purposely waited for the end of the election so that we wouldn't sound like every other right of center blog discussing ANTIFA but now that they have their idiots in charge their violent antiamarican ways are fair game.  Portland

8.  32 year old woman has sex with 14 year old boy and is cleared on all charges.  NOW the whore is opening an onlyfans page.

9.  15 year old boy that killed his mom finally pleads guilty.  The sick fuck buried the body at his church.

10.  Life sentence is not nearly strong enough for this man that killed a 16 year old girl.