Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The Evil That Men Do - Mean Girls Edition

When everyone is done panicking over Covid they will have to turn their eyes back on the absolute evil that is spreading almost as fast as the pandemic.  Netflix will have to have a new subcategory for True Crime stories that took place in 2020 and they will be the most watched shows on that platform. Here are this weeks greatest hits from the women.

1.  Mississippi mom abandons her kid at Goodwill. It is OK though, she left a note.

2.  Another female coach/teacher is arrested for sex abuse.  When as a society will we switch the focus from what pervs men are to the absolute pedos that women are becoming when they are guiding young women or men?

3.  Chopping off the head of an owl will get you executed in Columbia by drive-by firing squad

4.  Bare with me on this one because this woman did lose her 4 year old daughter BUT does that mean you forgive the man that raped your kid and stabbed her 17 times.  Even if that is your son that did it, you don't forgive the damn kid for that.  Also, what MOM raises a son capable of doing such a disgusting act.  In 4 short years this woman forgave her son...

5.  Mothers in Georgia put their personal desire of getting a picture of their kid with Santa created a Covid disaster for them

6.  Principal hiding from 70+ sexual abuse charges is finally going to face a jury now that Israel decided that she wasn't worth hiding.