Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Evil is among us. Can you spot it

 We all know people that we think might be evil and are actually harmless.  We also know people that we think are harmless but turn out to be nothing but evil scumbags.  Regardless, you should probably guard your grill because evil is definitely around the

1.  These 4 girls under the age of 14 decided to brutally murder a 15 year old girl inside a Walmart - New Orleans

2.  33 kids that you might have known have finally been located and rescued from sex trafficking ring busted in LA.  Some of these kids have been moved from one location to another.

3.  Oklahoma couple decided that due to their homes terrible filth that a dog kennel would be the best place to keep their 4 year old granddaughter for extended periods of time.  

4.  Two doctors murdered in a hostage situation in Texas

5.  Koltyn Sparks died over a year ago from the Flu or so they thought.  Turns out that his scumbag mother and her new boyfriend murdered him.  Koltyn was a toddler..

6.  When you see this guys mugshot you will wonder how he ever ended up as a freaking middle school teacher.  Does it surprise anyone that he was arrested flying to Florida to sleep with a minor?