Monday, February 01, 2021

When the sheep cry to me

 Since my return to blogging I have received several emails from people that "found" my blog again.  In those emails, the majority of them ask "when are you going to attack the left?", "don't you know that BLANK is happening right now?", "can you post this story?"

blah blah blah

1.  There is no way I am going to post Qanon bullshit cult crap on this blog.

2.  I am not MAGA.  While I dug a lot of his policies, I didn't like the man.

3.  Does anyone even know which politicians are worth sticking up for?

4.  In the past 4 years since I left it seems that political blogging is just a big circle jerk with people posting the exact same thing.  I think there might a Mad Libs template out there for the more remedial minds out there just looking for followers.

5.  If you want a shit storm full of irrational thought and hoaxes then go to Twitter.

6.  When I post something political it will be something original (as always) and something that I stand behind.  

7.  NO, having the JOCO courts and the KS courts come down on me for my discussion over the leaks, doxxing, stalking etc.. that comes from inside their buildings by government employees with unlimited access and no checks or balances have nothing to do with my takes.  Look left, the most crooked of all JOCO judges is still identified and more is coming.

Here is the deal, when I was political, you weren't.  I am now focusing on the crap that everyone misses  A lot of you morons truly believe that the people in D.C. give two craps about you and whine and cry about every little thing that happens.  Sheep.  How about instead you focus on 

  • Keeping your family safe, Evil lurks everywhere in modern society.  Do you know who
    your kids are speaking with online, hanging out with etc? Do you know who your ex is bringing around your children (usually scum)?
  • Having good schools that aren't liberal propaganda, 
  • State government that keeps taxes low and still balances the budget,
  • Funding for police departments that allows for training and the ability to pay for quality instead of settling for racist hotheads and demented sociopaths
  • Strong zoning regulations to ensure that neighborhoods don't have We Buy Gold and check cashing places that prey on the citizens.
  • Have your state legalize Weed.  If your state is still thumping the bible about Weed then you need to move.  That backwards thinking is what is holding you back.  Kansas, you suck at this.
  • Overhaul of state and local government pay plans, benefits and pensions.  In a day and age where NOBODY in the world is getting a pension plan, WHY DOES Kansas have KPERS? Why do employees that settle on not contributing to the overall good of the community become immune from termination?
Instead you worry about millionaires that you think care about your future.  If you need any proof that these psychos think that you are nothing more than a data point then just look at what the elite did to the Reddit traders, Covid rules, Covid vaccines etc..  If after 2020/21 you still believe that they care and will help then you are lost and please stop reading this blog.