Monday, January 04, 2021

The Evil That Men DO

 2020 was a stellar year for evil in America.  While the rest of the country was hiding from the virus and struggling to pay bills, the true Evil in this country stood tall.  For every covid headline that came and went there was another about people getting chopped up, buried, shot, abducted, cheated..

1.  Machete attack in BK kills Gramps and injures 4 year old girl among others.

2.  One body found in missing Florida couples abduction from last week.

3.  DC Teacher charged for raping middle school girls and boys

4.  This college professor who was 64 landed a 24 year old student of his but couldn't be happy with it.  Instead, he decided to shot her ass and then cut her up and put her in trash bags.  

5.  California father pulls gun and blast his son during an argument.  So much for family holiday cheer.

6.  20 year old brother shoots his 8 year old sister in the head - Michigan 

7.  39 year old teacher has sex with 13 year old student IN THE CLASSROOM and only gets 4 years - Indiana