Thursday, February 04, 2021

Evil People Living Evil lives in Evil Times

Strap up, keep your head on a swivel and prepare for the Evil people lurking.  Don't own a gun?  You are screwed.  

1.  5 kids and a adult were slaughtered at 130AM, while
sleeping by a psycho gunman in Oklahoma.  

2.  Next time you decide to yell at your neighbor about their snow removal (the shit does melt) remember this story about a man that clapped the neighbor couple and then turned the gun on himself.

3.  This story is evil because it is a person of wealth and power that dictates the minute by minute activities of everyone in this country.  John Kerry (who has a longer face than he did 20 years ago) thought he was special and took a PRIVATE JET to the freaking climate summit!  

4.  More proof that the Gov of NY killed thousands with his policies.  

5.  When you are a crazy psychopathic controlling dictator like Putin, you should be afraid.