Friday, January 22, 2021

Straight Up Evil - Gotta Love them women edition

 While the rest of America is up in arms over the new idiot in charge who replaced yes, another
idiot, there is real evil taking place in the country.  It use to be "if it bleeds, it leads" and now it is strictly about division.  If you are a fan of cable news pundits on either side giving marching orders to those void of the ability to think freely then this is your time.  In fact, you are thriving.  Congratulations, you have turned your brain off for the past 6 years.  Meanwhile, people are getting murdered, raped, abducted, embezzled etc..

1.  West Virginia woman lives up to the stereotype given to women of the region and goes bat shit crazy.  Murders 4 kids, a BABY, her husband then TORCHES their home AND THEN OFFS HERSELF.  It is 2021 and I think that we can all agree that women are just as violent and crazy as men.  In fact, they might be even better at it.

2.  NYC woman decided that her husband "needed to be taught a lesson" so she poisoned him with Boric Acid.  He lived and it turns out this 70 year old pioneer of psycho women has done this before.

3.  Florida mom offs her kid by shooting her in the head.  Keeping Florida, Florida

4.  JOCO has had its fair share of prostitution busts over the past 20 years.  Whores go where the money is.  In Florida, a whore house in a luxury community was recently busted and they are trying to say "this could happen anywhere".  They are right, especially when COVID has destroyed the economy and people are willing to do anything for $$$

5.  37 year old Florida woman drove around with a dead man in her trunk for 10 days.  This go getter was charged with crimes against a corpse just to name a few.  

6.  24 year old Instagram model, mother of 1 kid, 5 million followers and former fatty is charged with stalking and severely beating her husband.