Monday, January 11, 2021

MAGA Jackass's just the cherry on top of a shit sundae

The past 4 years have been an embarrassment and the events, rhetoric and lack of discipline that occurred last week was beyond that.  As a person who is center right on most issues in this
country people have often tried to lump me in with these idiots and one of the reasons I quit blogging 4 years ago was because of this.  While I was against Hillary, I was never a supporter of Trump.  For me it was Rubio and the two of them couldn't be further apart.  To me, that is the Republican party, no this MAGA Bullshit that has come upon us and now doesn't seem to want to leave. 

I think the only time I could be found defending this clown was when his actual Republican policies or appointments were being dragged through the mud,  This meant that those of us that were actually Republicans found us having to fight off the hoards of psychos on the left, whether it be Hollywood, Antifa or the likes of Pelosi and Shumer.  Most of us had little or no choice but to fight the bias that became 24/7 from every aspect of pop culture and the media.  I would like to think that the majority of us didn't defend the man, his insane speeches full of catch phrases and bluster or his attacks on fellow Republicans that dared to question him.  

For Republicans (independent 12 years ago) like myself we were often caught without a leader and a party.  On one hand we would never become liberals and the other we could never back the MAGA movement.  When it came to political talk it became taboo for us to align ourselves with any policy that came out that was tied to this president.  I would often have to say that I don;'t like the guy but this policy is something that I believe in.  Military spending, less government and sticking to the constitution are what drew me to the party so when anything came out along those lines I was good.  Then 24 hours later Trump would open his mouth and ruin the message and make it about him again.  Him, him, him, him, him, always him.

Watching you morons follow this man into angry protests make me hope that you do leave the party and form some bullshit MAGA party.  Our party doesn't need psychos killing cops, dressing in paramilitary garb and doing enough drugs that you show up to a rally dressed as a Viking.  There is a party for that and it has been since I have been alive called the Democrat party.  There has been a party that has existed that believed in Fiction over Facts, racism and tearing down the government, the Democrats.  Please leave.

Now when you take a step back and look at the extremes on the left and the right you have to
wonder what the hell the future has in store for us.  How can this nation survive when there are extremely large groups of people on both sides that have no problem killing cops and destroying property.  Both sides have little or no use for the rule of law (unless it happens to fit their narrative) or the principles that this country was founded on.  Both sides are armed and funded by cowards that hide behind the scenes and let others do their bidding (what is their long game).  Both sides resemble bad newsreel footage from Europe in the 30s and 80s not this country.

What happens in the future has come and if you are an idiot you might not have noticed.  You see after any event like last Wednesday we all lose personal freedoms.  When the psycho brought down the OKC Federal building, school shootings, Sept 11th, Antifa Riots, Covid, etc. we have all been punished by the actions(or inaction in regards to Covid) of the few.  Freedom of speech, assembly, to move/speak without detection etc.. all are vanishing before our very eyes because some of you don't know how to behave or keep track of your kids.

So now what?