Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Evil That Men Do - Spring Thaw?

Now that temperatures are returning to normal and some areas are actually seeing 70 degrees, we can expect Mo Murda across that nation.  Criminals hate the cold and their aim sucks when they are wearing mittens sewed onto their sleeves by their moms.  The moon boots are gone and the Chucks and Vans are making their first appearance of the year.  A wise man once said "never lever your house
without a gun".  Will you be a sucker and not protect yourself and family or will you step up if the time comes and be prepared to handle yours?  Below are some scum that you might have missed out on.

1.  We all put a little sugar on the generic corn flake cereal that our parents got us (JOCO, generic is the shit on the bottom shelves at your Grocer) but 44 pounds of cocaine might be a little too sweet.  Good Job Ohio.

2.  The terrible two's got a wake up call on a Manhattan subway by a homeless man when the kid got PUNCHED in the face.  Those coastal elites..

3.  KCMO is looking to make a comeback after a sluggish start to the year.  Hardesty is typically not the best street to be on but getting shot at 4pm?

4.    I will hold up on calling this man evil.  This man gunned down the man that was a "person of interest" in his girlfriends murder.  Now, ask yourself this, what would you do...

5.  Female teacher gets s slap on the wrist for being a pedophile.  Erin Kemp(not hot) only gets 90 days in jail.  What would a male teacher get? 

6.  14 year old girl stabs her wheelchair bound sister. Makes you wonder about that household.