Wednesday, December 09, 2020

The Evil That Men Do

New section that we will bring you weekly highlighting the evil ways of folks that have an impact on our way of life.

1.  Child porn, embezzlement, espionage weren't enough to bring down Hunter Biden BUT NBC is now reporting that the biggest shit stain in America is under investigation for his Taxes.  

2.  Nuke secrets in Russia are now available to the highest bidder thanks to a robbery.  

3.  While the rest of us have faced unemployment, lock downs, salary decreases etc., the ELITE in this country have moved freely and seen their wages increase 160%.  

4.  The one time GOAT decided to take a million dollars in bailout money.

5.  Damon Linker of Yahoo wants to push an America sucks narrative.  This shouldn't shock anyone since the left has hated America since the 50's.  Sadly, most kids will read this and believe it.  Have you spoken with someone under 21?  Yeah, they don't get it.

6.   People close to Bill Clinton are now verifying his trips to Epstein Pedo island.  His biggest fear, divorce. Our shock, they are still married.

7.  We purposely waited for the end of the election so that we wouldn't sound like every other right of center blog discussing ANTIFA but now that they have their idiots in charge their violent antiamarican ways are fair game.  Portland

8.  32 year old woman has sex with 14 year old boy and is cleared on all charges.  NOW the whore is opening an onlyfans page.

9.  15 year old boy that killed his mom finally pleads guilty.  The sick fuck buried the body at his church.

10.  Life sentence is not nearly strong enough for this man that killed a 16 year old girl.