Tuesday, February 16, 2021

This Winter is Just too damn entertaining

Watching democrats cry and bitch about their power being subject to rolling blackouts due to the shitty power grid they created is actually pretty entertaining.   So as you shiver beneath your blankets in the middle of the day today please let these thoughts keep you warm

  • Think of poor Moonbeam going out to charge his Tesla to run to Trader Joes today and finally realizing that ohhhh so it isn't a magic vroom, vroom mobile.  
  • Think of Blue Valley indoctrinated  teens all over the area wondering why they cant play XBox or charge their phones etc..
  • Think of that democrat mom who has recycled forever trying to watch HGTV today 
  • Think of all of those wealthy elite democrats running out to purchase backup gens today that run on good ole reliable fossil fuels
  •  Think of the nagging Baby Boomer liberals (that created this mess) that are now old and cold when it is 70 degrees out bitching about being cold inside
  • Think of all of the democrats that thought that consolidation of energy companies was a
    good idea and that turning over the power of their homes thermostat to the company that they allowed to tell them their power is being blacked out due to conditions in another state.

Remember this is just the beginning.  As more and more of the democratic energy policies take shape this will happen in both Summer and Winter (when people need power the most).  Sure the wealthy will have their own power sources at their homes running on fossil fuels but you stupid fucking commoners will be left once again in a lurch.  Gotta love that One percent!  Funny they use to tell us they were Republicans.  I guess they can't hide anymore.

Some Fun Winter Links 

1.  Even the Red State of Texas which is full of Fossil fuels, can't keep their people warm due to federal regulations on energy.

2.   Even Mexico is bitching about our energy policies 

3.  Evergy conglomo fucks KC area in favor of multistate grid

4.  Grandma Kelly in Kansas has never faced a situation that she didn't think was a state of emergency.  She will do little to prevent this from happening again in the future though.  

5.  Shitty energy policies have caused states to stop giving out Covid Vaccines.  If a tornado

hit and this happened, it would be blamed on Climate Change..

6.  The Blue county of JOCO is getting pummeled in policies, outages etc..