Friday, February 12, 2021

Your Valentines Day Link List - Your love life is Doomed

There was a time when Valentines Day meant something to me. 
When you are married for 23 years and then discarded like a burner phone due to your health issues, well, you tend to what to merc Cupid as he passes you by.  I am here to tell you that your relationships are doomed.  Abort now so you are not caught off guard and it can happen on your terms.  There is no such thing as in sickness or health anymore.  Trust me, I thought I found the right woman and that nothing could stop us.  We had a nice home, two daughters, dogs and a freaking firepit! Once health interfered with wealth, gone...

1Some men are no longer taking matters into their own hands are instead going to the new robot like sex dolls.  This of course is priced for the wealthy that can no longer hire hookers due to Covid

2.  This article tackles why liberals like meek, submissive women due to the firing of a Star Wars character.

3.  "How to write a love letter" - This letter will be the catalyst for you losing 80% of your wealth 

4.  If you are smart then you will sink as much money into secret accounts like Bitcoin before she decides to drain your bank account before filing for divorce. and HOW TO HIDE IT

5.  Some of you jackass's will get robbed blind, lied to etc.. and then want to get your ex back.  Here is a guide on how to do this.  Don't do it

6.  When she does take your shit and kick you out of your own house, you will need to find a cheap place to live fast.  Because she will get the house and money...

7.  No amount of money will ever be enough for some women.  It doesn't matter how low you started, the minute something goes a little off, the new norm is typically 15% higher than what you are currently earning at your peak.  And if she can't have total control of that money, she gets pissed, throws a tantrum etc..  This article pretty much covers all of this.

8.  If you believe that you aren't married to a money monster then here are some tips on how to do Valentines Day in the middle of Covid.  Keep in mind that even after you do all of this stuff she will still take your money, home, motorcycle, sell your shit etc..