Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Liberal Stooges

 There is nothing worst than an elected liberal, well maybe the stooges that voted them in but I am not into splitting hairs.  The following are just some stories that highlight the mindset of the kinda people that those that need government nannies follow with a devotion that even Christ didn't enjoy.  

1. No surprise that the niece of Kamala jumped at the chance to blame a white man for the shootings yesterday.  Now that a Muslim from Syria has been identified, she deleted the post from Twitter.

2.  Megan Markle, who is a liberal favorite to run for president someday soon, was caught in a lie in front of millions of people.  Only a spoiled liberal would try to play off the bazillion-dollar wedding that she had and try to come across as one of the people.  This is right out of the liberal elites' playbook.  

3.  To say that liberals are power-hungry monsters that prey upon our divisions to gain power is a bit of an understatement.  Read this and tell me I am wrong

4.  Biden pushes for gun control instead of tougher immigration policies after the Colorado shooting.  The exploitation of a tragedy regardless of the facts is key to liberals seizing power.

5.  3 trillion dollars worth of freebies courtesy of Biden. This will of course come out of the pockets of what is left of the middle class which is ironic considering that it is supposed to propel more people into the middle class.  Classic shell game played by the ultra-wealthy liberal elite