Wednesday, March 31, 2021

This Week in Liberal Stupidity

The best part about a liberal is well, they are fun to laugh at.  Their
stupidity and groupthink are at an all-time high now that the 80-year-old stammering fool is leading the country.  And before you go and say something about Trump to me please remember, I wasn't a huge fan of his either.  Policies of Trump = Good, the man = cringe.  You see under Trump, I wasn't babysat and raped of my income by the government.  There was a sense of freedom to succeed or fuck up as much as you wanted.  Not now.  Nanny State is in full effect.  

1.  Cuomo MIGHT go down as the creepiest person in NY since Harvey Weinstein.
2.  How can we trust the judgment of a man that keeps allowing his freaking pet to bite Whitehouse visitors.  
3.  Biden says that he won't push for a vaccine passport...So count on a vaccine passport
4.  So, Biden is pushing a spending package at 2.25 trillion dollars and assures us all that there will not be an increase in taxes for those making below 400k.  Does anyone believe this?  Seriously, come on liberals!  Do you like having other people spend your money for you????? Gas prices, grocery prices, electricity prices, house prices, car prices etc.. ALL ARE GOING TO INCREASE!!  So even if you fall under 400k, YOU PAY
5.  1 million illegals will be crossing the border unobstructed due to Biden.  Has anyone seen the videos of the kids stacked like firewood into cramped spaces?  He makes those kids wish they were living in the "kids in cages" era.