Monday, March 29, 2021

Topeka Gangsta's are Broke

 This haul is really kinda pathetic.  So pathetic that the whole city should be
embarrassed for first, calling it an "operation", second, naming the "operation", third, the shitty haul that they got from all of those arrests.

 A joint operation conducted by federal, state and local police over 10 days has led to more than 250 people being arrested in Topeka and the seizure of 24 guns, nearly 19 kilograms of illegal drugs and $25,000 in cash.

So if you arrest 250 and get 25k in cash then how much was that per arrest? More complex math (thanks metric system) 250 into 19 kilograms.  And my favorite 250 into 24 guns.

Not only do Topeka gangstas have a fat bankroll of $100 on them but they also have 1 gun per gang.  WTF!!!!

Yo!  Feel free to keep the doors unlocked and walk the streets of Topeka, Ks with nothing more than a pocket knife.  Shit, you could conquer all of Topeka with a Sword.  GANGSTA!