Thursday, March 18, 2021

Trendy Woke JOCO white women are for Trans Bill

I will avoid the obvious takes on the Trans athlete restrictions that Kansas passed and offer you a little bit of something different about this bill, the actions that were taking place behind the scenes, and the comments from "woke" parents regarding this are too good to pass up. They have to decide if they are for girls' sports or pro-trans kids taking up their daughter's spot on the team. 

You see for as big of a game as Susie Woke Jocoian talks about inclusiveness, her casting a vote for Biden, hating Republicans because it is the "in thing" (Trump made it easy, I won't lie) and thinking it is cool and hip to repeat moronic liberal talking points because so/so has a blue checkmark next to their name or it came out of the mouth of some ignorant actor/actress.  You see Susie Woke Jocoian that has a daughter in sports is allllllllllllllllllll for this and is only WOKE for status and to avoid confrontation. 

You can hear them at the sidelines of the Soccer complex, in the stands at track meets and basketball games, etc. They say it quietly and whisper it amongst the other parents that have kids playing but a whisper is still saying it, right?  "I don't think it is fair to my daughter that worked forever to make the team and start to have to sit behind a trans player".  Trust me, I have heard it, they say it.

You have to do a double-take because weren't these the same people that voted for Hillary?Joe?Gov Kelly? They have the bumper sticker on their crossover that says they did.  This in their minds is different because it directly affects their kid, but they don't use that logic on anything else in the world. 

This bill wasn't passed to protect male sports.  This bill was passed to keep Suzies daughter from getting dunked on.  

I don't have a dog in this fight so I will let them all tear each other apart from the sidelines and listen for more hypocrisy.