Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Keep Your Eye on the Ball Kansans - Gov Kelly

 So here we go again.  Parks and Rec leader Kelly is now trying to claim credit for helping out residents that have been wrecked financially due to covid.  Read this

shit and tell me what is wrong with it.

“Keeping Kansans in their homes and businesses — and ensuring they have access to the high-speed internet needed for telehealth, telework, and virtual school — has been a top priority for my administration since day one,” Gov. Laura Kelly

She is taking credit for a FEDERAL program.  Keep this in mind when you read hear her excuses to Kansas sucking at Covid vaccines.  THAT issue is always due to the availability of vaccines, this cash grab is all her.  DESPITE ALL THE MONEY COMING FROM THE FEDS.

Have you ever seen such a liar?  Dipshit residents of the state voted her in and are now watching this political novice get caught almost daily in lie, fabrication, coverup and incompetence.  YET THEY STILL THINK SHE IS GREAT!  Because she is nice.... Reminds them of Grandma...

You wimps need to realize that you don't need to LOVE your elected leaders, you need to elect effective/qualified people.  This woman is a train wreck.