Thursday, April 01, 2021

The Liberal Star admits to Murder Numbers

    At the first of the year, the group think from inside the Star, political leaders etc..
all keep saying how the murder rate was dropping which is pretty funny considering that KC just came off a killing spree in 2020 and that the flipping of a calendar doesn't mean all is well.  So why is it news that the pace is similar?

My prediction (which is always correct on KC Murder) is that 2021 will be higher than 2020.  There are just too many factors that have gone unchanged or gotten worst since last year.  Let us show the math

  •  The Weather - We came off of a record month of cold and the numbers are still on pace with last year.  Everyone that has been paying attention to my blog has learned that Killas hate the cold and once short sleeves come out, bodies drop
  • Police Restrictions - In an overreaction towards lawless protestors last year, the KCMOPD is now weaker to take on violent crime.  They will excel at shutting down illegal lemonade stands in the white neighborhoods.  
  • Economics- The Trump economy is going away and the new norms set by Covid layoffs will continue through 2021 under a tax and spend Biden economy.  Just today, the unemployment numbers took a surprising jump that caught old man Biden flat-footed.
  • Operation Legend - Gone
  • Clubs will be opening that was shut down most of 2020
The only thing that could lower the death count, aim.