Thursday, July 29, 2021

Democrats in Kansas face rude awakening come midterms

   What will the suddenly woke 3rd district due in Kansas now that they do not have Trump to run
against?  Economy, Crime, Immigration, Education, and mandates are all issues that liberals can not run on, especially after having a reminder of what their policies actually do. Smart people believe in the following items

Low Taxes and Low Government spending = More money in their pockets and less inflation.  Inflation for you morons out there is basically a hidden tax.  If you pay more for food, electricity, gas, shelter etc.. than you did say 2 years ago, you are in fact worst off.  

Defunding the police = Law enforcement that is unable/unwilling to protect its citizens.  If you do not think that crime can come to JOCO the way it has in other parts of the metro then you haven't been paying attention.  These same newly woke warriors are the first people to call the police if a black teenager is selling candy bars in their neighborhood.

Immigration - While everyone is for legal immigration, there is really nobody that thinks that 2 million people crossing the border (33% with covid) is a good idea.  See these woke people may say one thing in public BUT they will move their kids out of a school that is "English as a second language".  Why do you think that Blue Valley increases in numbers while SMSD shrinks?

Education - Where to begin.  CRT and overstepping school boards and teacher's unions take control away from parents.  We all know the pain in the ass parent that now appears to be woke, but fought teachers, school boards, bus companies, etc.. because they didn't like a certain policy.  Now multiply that 100x and you end up with the current situation.

Mandates = Ever notice that the suddenly woke people in JOCO pushing for vaccinations and mask mandates are the same people that hated vaccinations and western medicine before they got their fresh talking points.  Holistic doctors, Whole Foods, Supplements, Crazy wacked out home remedies, were all the rage before Covid/Trump amongst the new woke JOCO.  NOW they say to get the vaccine, FOLLOW THE SCIENCE.  It is hilarious to see the hypocrisy that these idiots display on a daily basis.  PICK A SIDE.  

The suddenly woke JOCO is a scam.  Those that bark the loudest about issues are typically those that were the biggest violators of that issue before Trump came into power and it became trendy to be against anything/everything that the idiot said. When you remove the idiot, nobody really wants the bullshit being pushed by the left unless you are wealthy enough to not have the policies really affect you or you depend on the government for all sense of security and self-worth.