Wednesday, October 20, 2021

KC STAR Wants more Whites Behind Bars

 This is a story that has been around longer than anything I can ever remember and it is not surprising that the self-proclaimed recovering racist are pulling out of the scrap heap.  The headline is "Kansas sending Black residents to prison at a rate 6 times higher than white people" but beyond going into actual facts, they pluck some statistics that have little to do with the actual story.  No, they once again want to paint the residents that live in their area as racist. 

They give a list of things that the state MUST DO, but do not provide any data proving that the state is not doing so already. It is easy to divide a community by throwing out divisive bullshit stories like this, especially with little to no research done or shown.  Instead, they plucked some numbers from a left-wing group that has a clear objective.  (funded by SOROS) Reducing sentencing and putting violent criminals back on the streets (see every Blue city in the nation's violent crime uptick including KC) and turning whole states into Chicago's or NYC or insert shithole city name here.  

  • How about a breakdown of actual cases that could result in prison time, 
  • A breakdown of sentencing that shows that once these cases go to court that the majority of white people get off
  • A breakdown of repeat offenders if reduced sentences are given
  • Proof that the state hasn't done anything to reduce sentencing for drug users
  • Proof that the state hasn't invested in education, community services etc..

These are all "solutions" that The Star offers...... What a shitty publication