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Monday, August 01, 2022

The Star will turn every story into a Woke Story. Even this

 So I saw the headlines about KC comedians and wanted to see which of our local
comedians agreed to talk to the Star.  I mean, traditionally comedians do not do interviews discussing their audiences heckling them.  If they do, it typically happens on a podcast with other comedians.  Not hack journalists from a newspaper with zero credibility in the entertainment community.  I mean really, The Star, and comedians?

Before I go on. Let me state, that I do not care who/what a person does or is.  So maybe it always puts my antennas up when others do.  

The two comedians that they interviewed were barely comedians.  The way the T-Bones were considered professional baseball players, they are considered comedians.

The next thing is The Star goes out of its way to find the perfect people to fit their woke rebirth since self-reporting their own racism a few years ago.  Both comedians happen to be black, female, and lesbian.  Ohhh and sprinkle in a little problem with their size just for good measure.  The Star failed to mention if either of them were left-handed or were double-jointed. I bet they asked though. 

So what does their race, gender, etc.. have to do with the premise of the article?  NOTHING, but this paper sure tried to make it about that instead of what it promised.  Let's hope that both of these ladies saw the article as an insult ane exploitation rather than a compliment.  

Wednesday, April 22, 2009